Character sketches in Proverbs

Title: Character sketches in Proverbs Characteristics of Wisdom by Thom Bacon The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge (Prov 1:7a) Discipline – Instruction as a means of training with strong accountability. (Prov 1:2-3) A. Wisdom comes through confrontation (Prov 27:5-6, 17) B. Wisdom comes through making mistakes (Prov 26:11) C. Wisdom comes through God allowed suffering (Ps 119:71) Discretion – To plan and live strategically. (Prov 1:4; 22:3) Learning – Proverbs calls those who would be wise to add to their learning. (Prov 1:5) Discernment – The ability to notice distinctions and shades of differences. (Prov 1:2) Characteristics of Foolishness The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’ (Ps 14:1) 5 Types of Foolishness: A. The Simple (Prov 1:22 & 21:24) B. The Mocker (Prov 1:22; 21:24) C. The Obstinate (Prov 1:22; 26:12; 22:15) D. The Sluggard (Prov 6:6-11 & John 5:17) E. The Troublemaker (Prov 6:12-14; 19:11; Matt 5:9; Prov 15:1; 6:15; 6:16, 19)