Romans Part 4: A Model for Disciple-Making Disciples (Part 2)

by Mike Deguzman

Romans 1:14-17
A Model for Disciple-Making Disciples (Part 2)

I. The Obligation of the Gospel

II. The Eagerness of the Gospel

2 Corinthians 11:23-28
Matthew 4:19
2 timothy 2:23-26

III. The Unashamedness of the Gospel

     A. Reasons People are Ashamed of the Gospel

          1. The Gospel Tells Us That We are Spiritual Failures

          2. The Gospel Tells Us That We Are Wicked

          3. The Gospel Tells Us That Sincere People Can Be Sincerely Wrong

John 14:6

          4. The Gospel Tells Us That Hardships Are the Norm

John 15:201-b

     B. Reasons To Be Unashamed of the Gospel

          1. Unashamed Because of the Origin of the Gospel

          2. Unashamed Because of the Power of the Gospel

Acts 4:12

          3. Unashamed Becasue of the Righteousness of the Gospel

          4. Unashamed Because of the Outreach of the Gospel

John 3:16
John 6:47

Small Group Questions:

1.Pastor Mike spoke about 2 types of obligation Paul had towards the Gospel. The first was a divine obligation as the Apostle to the Gentiles. The second was an obligation based on the fact that, if you can help, you should help. In what ways do both of these obligations apply to you?

2.Read 2 Corinthians 11:23-28. Knowing this was written before Romans and seeing Paul’s eagerness to share the Gospel, how does this encourage you? How does it challenge you?

3.Many people would say they are not eager to share the Gospel simply because they do not know how to share the Gospel. Take some time to share your “method” of sharing Christ with others. What are the essential themes of the Gospel that must be shared in order for someone to believe in Jesus?

4.Why do you think people are ashamed of the Gospel? What encouragement can you give to them (or to you) to be unashamed?

5.How does the story of Adoniram Judson and Ann Haseltine change your perspective on the importance of prioritizing the Gospel? What is one thing you want to start doing or stop doing in order to make sharing the Gospel more a part of your daily life?