Romans Part 9: Answering Objections

Romans 3:1-8
Answering Objections

by Mike Deguzman

Accusation #1: Paul is Against the People of God

Matthew 5:20
Romans 9:4-5

Accusation #2: Paul is Against the Faithfulness of God

Psalm 51:4
Hebrews 5:12-14

Accusation #3: Paul is Against the Righteousness of God

Psalm 32:3-4
Genesis 3:7

Accusation #4: Paul is Against the Holiness of God


1. Privilege

2. Trustworthy

Isaiah 40:8
Matthew 24:35

3. Certainty

4. Grace

Small Group Questions

1.What specific advantages have you had in your life to bring you to where you are today? (church, family background, gifts, abilities, education, etc…)

2.Why do you think the Jews were so embittered against Paul? 

3.How does the certainty of judgment/wrath motivate you to follow Christ? 

4.Share ways the Jews tried to put God into a corner to try to justify their sin and their self-righteousness. How is the church doing that today?