Romans Part 17: The Blessings of Justification (Part 2)

Romans 5:3-5

by Mike Deguzman

1. Peace with God

2. Access to God

3. Hope of the Glory of God

John 16:33

4. Purposeful Tribulations

    a. Perseverance

Romans 8:28 

     b. Proven Character

Romans 8:29a-b For those whom he foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son

     c. Hope

Romans 15:13
James 1:2-5
Psalm 42:5

5. The Love of God

Romans 8:38-39
Romans 8:32

6. The Spirit of God

Small Group Questions:

  1. How have you been enjoying your “benefits of justification?”

2. Share with your small group how you have seen the purpose behind some of your tribulations

3. What tribulations make no sense and how are you working through those?