Saturday, March 21st

What a unique time this is for our world and the church! It’s times like these that encourage creativity, flexibility, and a new way of doing things. At CBC, we are choosing to embrace change and continue to get better at “one-anothering” one another.

Our goal is to record the sermon and music each Friday in order to give enough time to produce a high-quality worship service that you will be able to participate in on Sunday mornings. Recording on Friday also allows all of us to be at home with our families on Sunday mornings to worship together. 

My recommendation is to view the video through YouTube since most newer tv’s have a YouTube app that allows you to view it on there rather than a phone, computer, or tablet. 

While we are recording on Fridays, we will “premiere” the video on Sunday mornings at 10am. There will be a live chat that we will monitor if you want to participate in that. There are a number of links below to make sure you can connect. If you have any problems viewing the service, please call the church phone at (352) 680-0056 and we will do our best to help you work through whatever difficulties there may be. 
 Click here to view the church service video
We recommend subscribing to our CBC channel and clicking the notification bell today to be sure you’re ready to access the video tomorrow morning. 

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