Gathered While Scattered Part 4: What a Difference a Few Days Make

Matthew 27:11-26

by Mike Deguzman

I. Who Was He?

II. What Did He Claim?

    A. He Claimed to: Come Down From heaven

John 6:41-42
John 6:66

     B. He Claimed to Be: The Son of Man

Daniel 7:13-14

     C. He Claimed to Be: God the Son

Mark 14:61-64
John 10:27-33
Matthew 26:63-66
Exodus 3:13-14
John 8:56-59
John 18:3-8

III. What Did He Do?

     A. He Performed Miracles

Mark 1:40-41

     B. He Lived a Sinless Life

John 8:46a

     C. He Died a Sacrificial Death

     D. He Resurrected From Death

IV. What Shall I Do?

John 14:6
John 11:25-26
Acts 4:12