Romans Part 31: The Benefits of Adoption

by Mike Deguzman

Romans 8:14-17

Romans Review

Romans 1:14-17
Romans 1:18
Romans 3:10b-12
Romans 4:5
Romans 6:1
Romans 7:15
Romans 7:18-19
Romans 7:24
Romans 8:1
Romans 8:38-39
Ephesians 1:13-14

Benefit #1: Practical Leading From God

Benefit #2: Fearless Intimacy With God

2 Timothy 1:7
1 John 4:18

A slaveA son
Obeys because they have toObeys because of love for “Daddy”
Works under threat of punishmentDiscipline is not retribution, but loving instruction
Insecure: If I mess up, my master might beat meSecure: If I mess up, my father will forgive me
Concentrates on external behavior and compliance with rulesConcentration on relationship and attitudes
Works hard but is given no honorIs honored, and invited to join the work

Adapted from Timothy Keller, Romans 8–16 for You, ed. Carl Laferton, God’s Word for You (The Good Book Company, 2015), 34.

Benefit #3: Assurance of Belonging To God

Benefit #4: Continual Reminder of Our Value To God

Revelation 5:12b-14