I Am Part 6: I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

John 14:6

by Thom Bacon

Man’s Way versus God’s Way

How do you lead others?

How do you treat others?

How do people know you are a Christian?  Luke 22:24-27

  1. How do you leavethe ones you love?
  2. Jesus comforts and encourages
  3. Don’t be discouraged because I am God!
  4. Don’t be discouraged because I am going to prepare a place for you

    Don’t be discouraged because I will come again

  1. Don’t be discouraged because you know the way where I am going
  2. Thomas asks for clarification
  3. Jesus answers in a declarative statement:
  4. He is the Way- our only path to the Father – Ex 13:21; Matt 7:13-14
  5. He is the Truth- our only knowledge of the Way – Jn 1:17; Luke 20:21; John 8:31-32; 18:37-38

    He is the Life – our sole source of eternal Life – John 1:4; 5:24; 20:31

  1. He is both inclusive and exclusive – John 3:16, 36; Acts 4:12