Galatians Part 12: The Inferiority of the Law

Romans 2:14-15
Romans 3:19-20

by Mike Deguzman

I. The Law Gives Knowledge of Sin

Hebrews 12:18-21
Exodus 32:21-24
Exodus 32:3-4

II. The Law Was Temporary

Romans 10:4

III. The Law Shows God’s Character

Romans 7:7
Romans 3:23
John 6:47
John 5:24
1 John 5:13

(With the next diagram, please put the left side in the slide/bulletin and have right side empty. I will give those notes in the sermon one at a time. Josh spoke of how to do this on the slides so please check with him as needed. Thank you all!)

MediatorNo Mediator
Two Parties (Israel/God)One Party
I will / You willGod Will
Shows God’s RighteousnessGives God’s Righteousness
Can’t Give LifeGives Eternal Life


1. Use the Law Properly

2. Trust in Christ Exclusively