Author: Christina Smith

  • Introduction to the Training Program

  • This Sunday!

    Here are the details for our first in-person gathering this Sunday.

  • CBC Prayer Meeting – Tuesday, March 31st at 8:00pm

    What a wonderful time our church family had together last week in our online prayer meeting. This week, I will host a Zoom meeting that will include a CBC update, report from a missionary family in East Asia, a couple of worship songs, and a time for prayer together. I hope you will be able to join us. You will need […]

  • Saturday, March 21st

    What a unique time this is for our world and the church! It’s times like these that encourage creativity, flexibility, and a new way of doing things. At CBC, we are choosing to embrace change and continue to get better at “one-anothering” one another. Our goal is to record the sermon and music each Friday […]

  • Tuesday, March 17th

    Changes for the Next Two Weeks: Yesterday afternoon we received a notice from the Y that they will be closing their facility until at least March 30. This closing includes all activities including our church services. After prayerful consideration and recommendation from the CDC to not meet in groups larger than 10 people, we will […]

  • Monday, March 16th

    In yesterday’s sermon, we talked about the need to remove fear and replace it with love. When considering this current pandemic, we must ask, “What is the most loving thing to do for our church and community?” As you know, there are growing concerns and changing recommendations from our local, state, and national governments as […]

  • 8 Week Evangelism Course

    with Alan Beckwith Thursdays beginning March 26th | 6:30-8:30pm |Y Meeting Room Do you find it difficult to share your faith? Do you get nervous or scared at the idea of walking up to someone and sharing the gospel with them? Do you get tongue-tied or freeze up, and don’t know what to say at […]

  • A Debt-Free Christmas

    There are only eight more Sundays until Christmas! In our household they’ve already started watching Christmas movies (notice I said “they” not “we?”)!  If you haven’t already started planning for how to get through this season without the anxiety that racking up more credit card debt will bring, it is not too late. Here are […]

  • Does the Bible Condone Slavery?

    This past Sunday I preached on the Book of Philemon. Philemon has often been used as a book to say the Bible can’t be trustworthy because Paul endorsed slavery in telling a runaway slave (Onesimus) to return to his master (Philemon). In our day, statues of America’s forefathers who owned slaves are being torn down. […]

  • 168

    Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email “I’ve been so busy!” That seems to be the measure of success anymore. Everyone is busy as if being “busy” is the best excuse or the highest status. As someone who pretty much sets my own schedule, for me to say, “I’ve been so busy” can […]